Top 7 Ways to Protect Yourself From the Corona Virus

Unless you have been living on a houseboat out in the ocean without internet, you have been inundated with Corona Chatter. It is an epidemic even greater than the virus itself. If you are unfortunate enough to reside in an office most of the day, then you are more than aware of its crippling reach.

Corona Chatter rules cooler talk, both sides of the political aisle, sports radio, nights out, and beyond. Surely, there are species far away monitoring our Corona Conundrum in awe.

The bad news? Corona Virus has spread across the entire Earth. March Madness, your Birthday Party, a simple night out on the town, the Arnold Classic, SXSW – all of it – cancelled! Will we be able to buy a drink of coffee soon, or does the CDC need to drop that off at my front door in a mobile vacuum chamber free or contaminate?

Oh the Madness! The Hysteria! This past week alone the Drudge Report has so subtly mentioned that the dawn of a new age is upon is. They claimed we are nearing the “end of handshakes” and the “end of socializing”. Yes, a “Trusted” source of “Factually Verified” news has just informed you that we are no longer going to socialize or shake hands. Let the hyperbole hold you.

What other bad news do we have here? A few thousand elderly people have denied….supposedly. We do know that the Common Influenza-B strain has killed more youths this year than the Big Bad Corona Virus.

The Good News? It is possibly entirely a hoax, and you may even get off work from it. Just this week, companies such as Twitter, Cardinal Health, ScottsMiracle-Gro, Apple, and more are telling their employees to work from home until the end of April. If you say so boss….

So where do we go from here? What is the public saying? Where is the divide and communal consent on this situation?

It seems to me that there are currently 3 different camps of people with subsets in the 3rd.

  • Camp 1: They will believe anything you are willing to force down their throat. This camp has believed every Psyop over the past 10 years. They believe in 9/11, paying taxes, complete Stops, obeying orders, and especially whatever Fox or CNN tell them
  • Camp 2: They are skeptical. They do not believe the Corona Virus is as bad as the news is telling us, but they would be appalled if you showed them they were being duped.
  • Camp 3:
    • Subset 1: Trumpers: They believe the Corona Virus and market crash is an attempt to dethrone their Messiah, the Orange Oracle, the Don, MAGA himself – Donald Trump. They believe everything is a conspiracy to knock this man off in one giant game of king of the raft.
    • Subset 2: Team Psyop: This camp has different approaches to analyze. Let’s take a look at them. Don’t worry, I am almost ready to tell you how to defend yourself from this debilitating virus. The biggest killer since OJ Simpson.

Subset 2 Breakdown

  • COVID-19 is real and man-made. This is highly plausible. Bio-warfare funding is not news. Government control of the masses has been happening for eons. Every now and then, the sheep need rounded up, and boy have they been doing some rounding lately. Look at all the Psyops (Psychological Operation) we have had in the past 20 years alone: 9/11, Flouride, GMO’s, Sandy Hook, Brussels Airport Terrorist Attack, Boston Marathon Bombing, Orlando Nightclub Shooting, Aurora Movie Theater Shootings, Paris, Las Vegas, and on and on and on. They have been busy bees.

Corona has some interesting etymology. In Latin, Corona “is a glowing circle of light around an object. ... In the 17th century, corona referred to a circular crown, from the Latin word for "crown or garland." Yes this is a spiritual blog, and yes you live in a spiritual realm. It is my estimation that, if the Corona Virus is real, it is an attack on the exact reference in the virus.

What a Crazy Idea! A Virus named after what it is attacking? A Virus attacking the Glowing Crown of a human being – the Crown Chakra – the Ajna Chakra! They sure are clever. We know the virus is weak so far, so there is a natural assumption that they wanted to have solid control over its spread. We do not know if it is being disseminated through water, weather, chemtrails, food, or something else. We do have a hunch that it is an Aura Attack. All the more reason to learn how to stop it.

  • COVID-19 is a complete farce and is a tool being utilized to halt the economy, crash markets, lower interest rates, infuse stimulus handouts, and create basic order through chaos. All of these effects stand to benefit the rich who hold available positions and influence to capitalize on these consequences.

There you have it. A quick breakdown of the etymology, chatter, and different beliefs people have surrounding the crown aura virus.

Now let’s take a look at the Top 7 Ways to Defend Yourself from the Corona Virus.

  • This deadly virus lurks around every corner, every bathroom stall, every airport, and every night club. Do Not Go Anywhere. Stay at home, watch $NFLX, and buy some Third Eye Huichol Deer gear.
  • Use this time to change your diet. You failed on January 1st. Use this as a Re-start, and Read my article on the Benefits of Fasting and why you should take the plunge.
  • Start a hobby! Don’t let this crown crusher get you in the dumps. Being depressed weakens your immune system whereas mental stimulation is a natural depression combatant. Pickup basket-weaving, billiards, sketching, the trombone.
  • Invest! Use apps like Robinhood, SoFi, Acorn to buy stocks cheap on the coming market collapse. You can get $25 for free in a 1% Money Account by Signing Up HERE. You can even take the money right back out if you want. Don’t let Elon Musk and Warren Buffet have all the fun. Use this time to take that cash you set aside to start scooping up some cheap airlines stocks like $JBLU. You need to have money to pay for healthcare, so you need to start investing for your future now!
  • Let go of negative friends. Socializing is a leading cause of Corona Contraction. Use this time to clear yourself of negative energies and negative friends!
  • Exercise! You need to be strong to defeat a virus. Being a sloth and lying in bed will only assist this lab grown poison. Begin a new workout plan utilizing the 100 Method. Build your way up to 100 pullups or pushups.
  • Do nothing at all. Go about your life the same as you always have. Why? You have been punked.


See! The Corona Virus isn’t so bad after all. Use this time wisely to buy cheap airline tickets, eat fresh vegetables, and work from home.


Open your Third Eye and See!

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