Top 33 Ways to Make Extra Money

Every day I’m hustlin’, every day I’m hustlin’. Hustle real hard. Hustle, hustle, real hard. Everyone, is trying to make some extra side cash. It may be to make rent, buy that new camera, get that new camera, pay for a wedding, buy stock, or finally purchase that house. You may already be making enough money with your one job, but most Americans are barely scraping by. The average American needs a 2nd job if they are really going to be able to adequately save for retirement or safely buy real-estate. It is hard to get financially “ahead”. I am in no way a master of the following list of side hustles, but these are rather rock solid means of obtaining cash – quickly. Some of these are more tedious and require greater ambition and skill sets. Some are as simple as just doing the action. Some are by saving. Hey! When you Save, you Earn!

Let’s take a look at the Top Ways to Earn Extra Income.

Let Go

  • Take all the extra junk around your house and start categorizing it. Use this as an opportunity to organize your life. This is the perfect scenario to become more of a minimalist. This sort of mental rewiring will set you up for the other benefits seen in Changing Your Diet for example. Turning your unused items into cash can lead to even bigger benefits than quick cash. Less clutter leads to a clearer mind and more focused attention.

Photography (Weddings/Schools/Sports)

  • Learn the basics of photography via YouTube. There are 3 essential variables that go into any photographer’s work: Sensor/Light, Distance, F Stop, Focus. Learn these skills and pick up some simple photo editing skills to impress your friends first. Piggyback on that to gain some cash by shooting at gatherings, sporting events, birthdays, and the like. Whether it be LinkedIn headshots or product photography. There is money to be made here.

Music Lessons (Piano/Guitar)

  • Are you a musician? You don’t even have to be great. Anyone who is not as good as you, would like to be just as good as you. People need someone to push them when it comes to music. You could be a Beginner teacher who explains music theory, chord structure and strumming patterns. If they need to go beyond you, then they can pay for more expertise when the time comes.

Buy Auction Items to Sell on Craigslist/Ebay.

  • Most Cities have Online Auction companies that sell New or Slightly Used/Damaged items that large retail chains need to jettison at discount prices. Pick a market that you know a little bit about and can resell. This could be blenders, comforters, tools, etc. Create an organized packaging and shipping setup and learn the quick basics of posting these items for sale. Making $15+ a sale can add up quickly if you buy 5-10 items each week.


Rob a criminal

  • Don’t let organized criminals have all the phone. Maybe you too are a hardass. There was a good story about a British Kickboxing Champion in the ‘80s who used to rob all of the drug dealers. If this sounds like you, then maybe you have what it takes to take a little off the top.

Set up a Recruiting Business

  • You will need a $25 business license. You will need to post available jobs online. You will need to network. The good news? You can excel at creating this company after the typical 9-5 hours because most people want to talk to a recruiter outside of work. Even better news? Filling executive roles can bring home purses over $10k at a time.

Find Private Placement Investors for Companies

  • Yes this is another business you would have to create, and it won’t be easy. Still it is an option. Small to mid size companies may not be looking for loans. Some may be interested in Venture Capital. If you like networking or live in an affluent area, then filling private placement investments can often bring home a 5% finder’s fee.

Mow Lawns/Yard Cleanup

  • Have you noticed the unkempt landscapes in some gentrified or well-off neighborhoods? I have. Start with a cheap or free quick clean up. Often these lawns just need someone to rip out a lot of brush and dead limbs. Start with a cheap offer, and maybe they will be paying you to mow their small city lawns once to twice a week.

Sell Calls (Finish – what is typical premium)

  • Do you already own some stock and don’t want to sell it. Well you can sell a call on it. You may as well take the income consistently .

Purchase CD’s

  • A $1,000 CD at 2% will net you $20. That may not seem like a lot, but what if it is $5k or $10k. If bills are hurting you, and you don’t want to dip into your savings then your money should always be at work for you. $120 a year in interest income is $12/month. That could wipe out your coffee consumption for the month or even partially offset your monthly bill.

Merch by Amazon

  • Can you Graphic Design? Are you friends with a designer? Use this skill or relationship to start a Free Merchandise company through Amazon. Your costs are $0 and the sky is the limit. A typical Profit per sale is around $5. Find one good design, and you could be easily looking at $25/mo in income.

Detail Cars

  • Here is another job that you can do from your home. Your startup cost is very minimal as you need cleaning products, wipes, sprays, waxes, and a vacuum. Some people like to keep their cars looking clean, and they don’t want to deal with it. Simply put, this is another way to charge $30+ for an hour of work.

Money for Dates – Jigolo/Escort

  • Yea we listed this! I’m not suggesting you solicit prostitution. I have met many young women at festivals who claim to make a lot of money by merely going on dates with rich older men. Likewise, there are a lot of lonely older women who care to go out with a possibly more energetic and younger man at times. If you have the confidence, look, and social aptitude to pull this off then go for it!


  • This is sort of a catch-all, but it is much more wide open. Graphic design, consulting, voice-overs, marketing, writing, music, programming, and much, much more. It is all included here. Start with one topic and charge $5-$25 per job contract. Some people have achieved thousands of gigs. Needless, to say they are making some serious cash.


  • Do you have a college degree? Great, you qualify. Leverage your basic educational platform to teach grade-schoolers, high-schoolers, or even adults the basics or advanced levels of whatever you may have an expertise in. It could be Algebra, Calculus, English, or merely going through all of the daily homework. If you want to get paid to do homework and teach, this is for you. Profits can range from $20/hr or higher.


  • This is a more advanced level means of making money. You are not going to start creating videos and overnight achieve follower populations ranging in the several hundred thousands. This is a long-term venture that will take some serious time and skill. You need to carve out a niche that you have interest in. You need to purchase a camera/tripod/green screen, utilize video editing, and market yourself. Content needs to be created almost weekly, so be prepared to work. Needless to say, profits can be immense for content creators.

Cam Girl

  • Grimy? You bet. If you are struggling though, this may be a backup plan. Some people need to pleasure themselves often, so you may as well get paid. Numerous Tinder profiles already cater to a paid content clientele. Don’t let everyone else earn the free money. Use snapchat, other web platforms, etc. to earn some quick Venmo side cash.

Pet Sitting

  • You can sign up here at Pet sitting can be very eash cash. Pet owners may only need you to walk their dog after work when you get home. Some may only need your walking services over the weekend. If you have a house, they may ask to drop their pets off for an extended period of time. Cash can be as low as $10-$20 for a day including a half hour walk or several hundred dollars for extended pet drop offs. Pet sitting can of course lead to…….

House Sitting

  • If you include the fact that you may no longer be paying rent, then this could be some serious green in the bank. House sitting is another laid back, luxurious job. Needless to say, jobs are not readily available. You need to network and utilize word of mouth marketing. If the community knows there is a dependable and trustworthy individual in the area, you may be able to carve out a niche side career. House Sitting can be ridiculously remunerative.

Rent out a Room in your house or apartment

  • Oh but you don’t want roommates? You probably wish you won the lottery too Well that is too bad! If you need money, then this is by Far the easiest way to make $400+ a month in income. Bring a roommate on board and you have already increased your annual income by ~$5K. Use it as a chance to make a new best friend. Search for a roommate that fits your lifestyle. This is a slippery slope between disaster and dream. Find a tenant that has skills you can learn from. Remember, nothing is permanent. Not even living with the roommate you just signed onboard.

Phone Pharming

  • I am not the world’s most respected authority on the topic of Phone Farming. It does not seem that complicated though. I would suggest creating a spreadsheet listing the different types phones you can use and their prices. Estimate your new energy and wifi costs as well. Now that you have your expenses in place, lay out expected monthly revenue streams from the various phone farming apps available to you. Diversify the apps you are using as it seems fluctuations are common. Compare your revenue and expense estimates, and go from there.

Vending Machines

  • The cost of a vending machine can be anywhere between $x and $x. A typical vending machine can net you profits of $70/week. At this rate you can pay off a lower end machine in X Weeks.


Be a Drug Dealer

  • Being a drug dealer can be a lucrative business. Whether you are a supplier or distributor there is easy money to be made here. You could simply sell wee on the side. You could sell your prescriptions to college kids. Or you can go deeper into the game. To minimize risk, make sure you live in a state and city where drug possession and distribution offenses are delivered with a light slap.

Tennis/Sports Coach

  • Have you ever seen the single mom who is not overly interested in throwing the ball to her son? Maybe the parents are unathletic or older. Maybe the kid lives in a rural setting and lacks recreational venues to learn sport fundamentals. This option may even be more fun than tutoring! Post your services to teach kids how to play soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, and the like.

Tarot Readings

  • I have a friend that is a Tarot Junkie. I think we all do. Do you know what they like to do? They love dropping $5-$10+ on a whim every week for tarot readings. This of course, is easy money for the tarot reader. To become a reader you should be sociable, know the structure and delivery of a tarot reading, and intermingle with the interested crowds to gain word of mouth marketing.

Baby Sitting

  • Time Tested. Baby Sitting may only fit a certain demographic here, but you should revisit this as a viable option to earn extra income. Kids these days love their electronics. Sit them down with a gaming system and keep an eye on them as you continue on with other constructive projects.

Remote Social Marketing

  • We are talking running a small business here. You should be charging very small monthly retainers or one-time event/sale/promotion fees. You will need to be savvy, integrated, and have connections and pull on all Social Networks. You will need to hit the ground running with physical marketing efforts. You should expect to write blogs and grab space in local articles and newspapers.

Sign Up Friends on Robinhood or SoFi

  • If you really, really need an extra $25-$50 to cover rent in the next 2 weeks, then grab your friends and get each other to all sign up for different investment accounts. Now, SoFi may ask that you deposit $100 to receive $25, but you can withdraw the $125 within 10 days. Robinhood requires no initial deposit. You simply sign up for an account and you get a few free bucks in stock. Sign up more friends and you will also get free stock. Expect to make around $5+ per friend.

Affiliate Marketing/Promoting

  • This will be one of the more difficult options on here. This is not fast money. You will need to gain a following and you will need to have several skillsets and features in place. The good news is that this can be lucrative and you can start it as a hobby that you enjoy. Do you love giving reviews? Do you like receiving free products? You may be a natural affiliate marketer. You should be organized, capture the camera, have fluent well scripted speech, and great videos and blogs. A following is a must if you expect to drive traffic to products and skim commissions.

Get a 2nd job

  • What a crazy idea right? Time is money, and most people do not want to use their precious free time from 6pm-10pm working another job that pays under $20hr. If you want to buy a house or quickly pay off loans, you may have no other option. Get busy earning or stop complaining.

Change your Diet

  • Before you even consider a 2nd job, you should be living a more thrifty and cost-conscious life. Consider that you can eat 2 meals a day and have your morning coffee for free at work all for under $6 a day. How? You aren’t eating breakfast anymore. The swill they consider coffee in your breakroom is your new breakfast. Lunch? Say hello to apples and bananas. Eating out for dinner? Kiss it goodbye. You already meal prepped Sunday evening using vegetables, meat, rice/noodles. Your daily spending of $20 a day down to $6 could save you an extra $280 a month. You may want to reconsider a second job and just consider spending less.

Start a Cleaning Business

  • This is an absolutely excellent idea for side income. You can target small to medium sized businesses and residential houses. Cleaning can be somewhat lucrative and consistent work that also offers flexible night time hours. Your start-up costs are very minimal with cleaning supplies and marketing will be good old fashioned cold calling, email, and hitting the pavement.


  • With the advent of Social Food Delivery, you can literally drive all night using 5+ Apps. Uber, Lyft, Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates, and the list goes on. There is money to be made driving in your free time. Make sure you have a dependable car, and set aside earnings for car repairs or car replacement as mileage and damages can add up quickly. Drive during promotions where you can earn more. Generate a plan to increase tips.


  • News outlets need to drive traffic. They need to generate content first. This is where you come in. HARO posts different articles that websites need content relating to. If you fit the requirements and pedigree then you could quickly be working thru the night to turn in your first editorial.

Whether going big or small, there are a lot of different ways to make money in the modern economy. I hope this list has given you some ideas and inspiration. Be sure to sign up for any free promotions and leave your comments below.


Thank you.

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