11 Top Reasons to Intermittent Fast

Fasting has been around forever, and it is back in vogue now. The fast food generation is taking a step back and tipping the scales heavily in the opposite direction. Society is selectively steering clear of obesity and merging into the "fast" lane.

Defined as the abstinence from all or most foods and sometimes liquids for a set period of time, fasting can be practiced in various ways. Let’s be honest. You are not here to consider mild fasting. Skipping a meal and eating a little healthier, does not require you read my blog. Deciding to go on a 48-72 hour fast and completely changing your mindset on what you are capable of, may. I say test out your boundaries first with intermittent fasting first. Intermittent fasting involves cycling between periods of eating and fasting for a few days at a time. When you have reach comfort in this then it is time to take of training wheels.

Listen. You are an essence in a corporeal density. That essence can be tested. The clay can be hardened. You can be hammered into a being with mettle. You have a choice. Are you here to relax? Chill? Consume? Be a slave? Or do you want to push IT – whatever IT may be. Do you want to see how far this whole thing goes? Lucky you, some chains that bind us lay right in plain sight. Food is one of them. It tempts us. It pleases us. It satisfies us. It energizes us. It is communal. I am not here to sing the paeans of sustenance. I am here to have you envision a life where you become free of one more thing. Can you a picture a day where it does not beckon. Where you lay in comfort, relaxing, not mindful of the cyclical strings tugging at us until we satiate them. Eating – is it a want or a need. Fuck what your personal history and science have told you. Is it a way to pass time or is the reason you spend your time.

You know, I keep “educating” myself with the same tutorials from those who have “reverse-engineered’ google algorithms.  Name your blog This. Write it like This. Do THIS. Yes I am bringing aliens into this topic. Do you want this to be dime-a-dozen plain jane regurgitation of a compilation of other articles reciting science journals’ cursory run-down of “facts” they gleaned from a study executed by an intern.

Do we need to eat?

I’m an alien experiencer. I’ve made contact. When I hear others tell tales of coexistence with them, they have mentioned that the non-humans use a sort of “nutrient-rich paste” to glaze themselves with. Yes, it sounds lame, but they have seemingly no need for food at this point in their evolution. I assume that it is considered “time-consuming” and a bore. Sitting around and shoving objects in an orifice so that our tongue sensors can activate and release pleasure. Maybe that is how they see it. Clearly they do not NEED it though. That is an interesting concept that can not only be ignored but concentrated on. What a breakthrough. Some intelligent beings live strictly on Chi – Life Force and occasionally administer a nutrient rich paste to their bodies. Imagine the money you would save. The freedom. Time and Money. I-am-going-to-fast

Jesus? He didn’t eat for 40 days. You say it’s a myth. I say it could be a serious understatement. Buddha – not even sure if he was obese. I find it unlikely. A large gut was seen as a sign of a large chi resource. Buddha, Jesus, Aliens – everyone “fasting” or as they call it – not spending time and energy eating. One less thing to worry about.

What do you need to Fast?

Without further ado, my plasticky rendition of a struggling entrepreneur explaining to you the benefits of fasting. The most important information is right here though. You can do it. You have the willpower, but you have been a pussy. You need to (wom)man the F up and go for it. Just like any goal, like any habit. There is a split second of indecision, of doubt, that has the potential to setback all gains. It is this cycle of losing and winning in this split second where all progress can be gained quickly or slowly. The split second of weakness. Just go for it. If you found this article then clearly you are interested in going for it. So, actually go for it. Don’t just read this article. Write a personal note to yourself. Keep it next to your bed. Write it on your ceiling. Die for it. WIN. GO. FOR. IT. Write it now. Don’t read another line of this article until you write down your intent. Nothing is won without 100% commitment. You need to be scrappy. You need to leave your friends. You need to tell people to F off. You need to die for your goal. If this is your flavor of the week then get ready to die again. Come back when you are done writing down your goal and leaving it at your bedside.

To abstain from eating is to fast. This concept has been a tool for mystics, spiritualists, and stoics for ages.

In Ancient Greece there were a multitude of reasons to fast:

  • Cleanse the body of demons associated with overeating.

  • The Oracle at Delphi enhanced psychic abilities via fasting.

  • Philosophers used it to increase focus and open up new perceptions.

  • Plutarch taught to Fast for an entire day when one was sick.

    Animals, even animals know to fast. When they are sick they will abstain from eating until their illness has passed. The human body is the same way. When the body is clear it can concentrate on eliminating the toxins and defects that hamper it.

    You Feel Great

    You feel empty when you fast. Your body isn’t digesting, you are aren’t bloated, you don’t feel sluggish. You just feel empty, free, and great. I love the feeling of just being empty and free. There is a reason why they call it carbo crashing and coming down from a sugar high. Fasting gives you confidence! When you create a goal and achieve it, you build confidence. When you rid yourself of a habit and struggle, you grow stronger. Being well fed and laying down can feel good. Fasting and laying down can be even more relaxing. Feeling confident and relaxed – what a combo!

    You Look Great

    This is rather obvious. Sure if you are new to fasting, you may be on edge. Losing weight will make those t-shirts and jeans look a lot better on you. How often do the same jeans constrict your waste and chi? Often. Nothing is worse than having to put on a pair of pants that you know make you feel uncomfortable more often than not. Fasting gives you a glow that you can’t find from most food options these days.


    More Energy

    Food can bring you down. Lack of food can build you up. Once you break through the threshold you will find that fasting provides you with energy. Humans were not meant to be snacking all day. There are countless stories of obsessed geniuses, artists, and musicians who tapped into natural energy sources sans substance. Pythagoras would not allow anyone into their circle if they had not first purified themselves through fasting. Tesla practiced intermittent fasting for much of his life. He maintained a diet of vegetables and fish. He even fasted from excessive sleep and maintained what an average human would consider impressive sleep deprivation while maintain relentless focus. The human body and spirit are themselves energy creation centers. These giants of antiquity and modernity often set aside their desires or needs for food. Eating was merely an impediment to their work and success. They let go of it and moved on to bigger and better things.

    Increased Willpower

    When you practice willpower, you Gain willpower. Fasting is an excellent and accessible opportunity to impose your willpower in a beneficial manner. When you overcome and/or let go an obstacle you have gained much. What happens during fasting? Your body tells your mind that you require food. It tells you this even when you don’t need food. You Desire it. You then have an option. You can succumb to temptations of satiation. You can deliver sustenance. The other option? Impose your willpower. Prove that you do not need to eat at the body’s every beckoning call. Prove that you are stronger than the spasmodic urges of the stomach.  You are here on Earth to grow. See how far you can take your willpower! Again, when you impose your will, you will always grow. 


    It’s Easy and Accessible

    Usually when we want to learn or grow, we require an external item to facilitate the process. You need a racket to become a great tennis player. The artist needs his brush. The musician needs his instrument. You. You need only yourself on this playing field. Fasting doesn’t require anything. It actually requires Less of Everything. It requires the absence of something. What an astounding concept in these times. You are deprogramming yourself from the 3-Meal System of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Do whatever you want to do. It can be hard to find an area to grow in where you need no tools or resources. This skill is extremely accessible.

    Gain Discipline

    ‘The soul (is) a dream and mist. Life is warfare and a journey far from home.” Why not push the envelope? Jump into the deep end. Fall backwards into the abyss. Are you here to live life comfortably? Will you live a thousand lives in comfort? Or, do you seek growth – to find the mettle in mastering your untamed facets. There is tangible reward you that is carried with you in a venture such as this. It saturates your soul, this endeavor to seek out your worth. Push past your threshold, face it. The inward treasure can out value that of an external creation immensely. Again, the investment here pays dividends eternally as do all personal growths.

    Spend Less Moneysave-money-by-eating-less

    Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Are you drowning in debt? Fasting is a great way to step back and identify just how much money you are pissing away on bottled drinks, snacks, expensive meals, and groceries. The less you need, the stronger and more content you become. Save your $ and throw it in a jar every time you don’t waste it on expensive and supernumerary quantities. Take that money and put it in a CD or Dividend Paying stocks. You may just turn your life around.


    Study after study indicates that a life full of Less intake results in an extended lifeline. This makes sense as reduced amounts of energy are being utilized to digest and detoxify.

    Brain Functioning

    Well you need to overcome the mental barrage coming your way asking you to eat. The minor lightheadedness will pass, but the mind will beckon. You have been programmed since birth to eat the “requisite” meals, and you are now attempting to break the trend. Think of every habit that has become a part of you – a part of you. You are breaking off a part of you and setting it free.

    When the mind has less baggage it gains clarity. Whenever we let go, we gain. Your mind should become more free and focused. Wow, what a great feeling. The mental pangs will subside either by determination or absence in time.

    Beautiful Skin

    Fasting puts the body into detox mode. Sure, fruits and vegetables are great components of a healthy diet which leads to a healthy body. Fasting should be an essential component of free-radical detox. Giving your body a break allows it to concentrate on flushing out all of the toxins and stresses that have built up and made their homes in your temple. Fasting allows the skin to tighten again, let’s you concentrate on hydration, and should vastly restrict any opportunity for you to digest something greasy.

    Changes Your Diet 

    Well this is obvious. Once you set out to eliminate eating it is only natural that you will fall back into a more simple diet. Maybe you begin stir frying light vegetables. Maybe you maintain a steady fruit parfait regiment if you will. The time and money you have accumulated in this process should change your mindset and habits permanently if this process is seen through.fasting-creates-a-healthy-diet

    The benefits are vast. Living the same lifestyle is not the end of the world. But I will say it again. Why are you here? Don’t you want to see what you are made of? You have an opportunity to go for it. So, Go For It! No one succeeds at anything worthwhile the first time. Picasso didn’t pause your eyes with his first brush stroke. Chopin didn’t steal your ears with his first note. Legends of past lives by the tenets of fasting because it actually improved their lives. At first you will see this as a struggle, and all good things come from a struggle. St. Rose of Lima said that “the gift of grace increases as the struggle increases”. Here is your chance. You reap what you sow. Lay the foundation. Set your intent, be persistent in your confidence and intent. Go for it.

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