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I just overheard 3 individuals discussing the pains of anxiety at a café. One mentioned she was micro-dosing hallucinogens to deal with it. It was working she said. Yes, this is where we stand currently. Escaping reality. Or is it that, we are trying to renege on a reality that has been molded to make us fail in this regard – social comfort.

If you read through the history of psychology and social interaction, you will find that cases of anxiety are on the rise.  We will attempt to give rationale behind this phenomenon.

The 2 common definitions you will find for “anxiety” are as follows:

  • “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome”

  • “a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.”

Note the difference between a “feelng” and “disorder” between the two.

Most people have succumbed to anxiety at some point in their lives. If they have not then they either lack social awareness or are wired differently for good or worse – Asperger’s, Sociopathy, etc.

What is causing the rise of anxiety and the medications that numb its effects?

Medications such as Xanax and Ativan along with more social relaxants like Alcohol and Marijuana have differing effects which can limit or mask the all-encompassing debilitation that arises from anxiety. So why is our society falling to its knees? Why are we hiding in the corners? Why are we afraid of speaking in public, approaching strangers, chasing our dreams…..and on and on. Anxiety.

Let’s take a look at the first definition again:

“a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome”

Anxiety is referred to as a feeling. All feelings stem from something, a predecessor. Anxiety is a derivative of something. These precursors exist in droves and act upon us with unforgiving persistence. When you were a child, a very young child, you did not consider anxiety. You had to grow into anxiety. You had to grow INTO this state of being or feeling. The same goes for someone with an unhealthy diet, drug addiction, temper, lazy disposition, and so forth. They grew into this. They had a lot of events and determining catalysts set their lives in motion. The person made bad decisions in light of circumstances and created their reality. Likewise, all of these consequences are just that – consequences. Anxiety is the consequence, not the precursor. The precursor is that which needs treated and not the effect thru masking.

This is the best news of your day. You are existing in a frazzled state. You can now not exist in it by limiting the variables creating it and thus changing your natural state of perception.

Let’s take a look at the second definition now:

“a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.”

This definition does a better job of encapsulating the broader effects of anxiety. It is called a disorder this time and some of the side effects of this disorder are stated. We do not get much of a glimpse as to what created this disorder here.


A better definition would be as such:

“The resulting state of physical and mental nervousness and impairment that arises from preceding factors and conditioning.”

Let’s give it a blunt Spiritual Definition now: You are thinking too much and not letting chi flow through you. You are frazzled, and thinking and thinking and not relaxed and your chi is bottled up and making you shake like a fucking tree. Is your mind overstimulated? What set this over-churning thought processor in motion? Why are your thoughts running wild? The causes are many and the result is standard as it related to anxiety. Your maniacal mind has frazzled your energy system and left your energy body in a state of disarray.

Your stomach is blocked. Your heart is racing. You have a headache. Your Jaw is clenching tighter and tighter. I have a friend who works in customer support at Verizon. Can you imagine having that job and having terrible anxiety? How does she create this situation? Well she overuses prescription pills that conflict in what they are asking of the body. This person drinks coffee or a monster if need be. They keep mentally stimulated with a never-ending string of texts and phone-calls. The result is a trembling mess of a being who is dying for some peaceful existence. They get this in spurts but for the most part their life is a cycle of anxiety attacks circling the eye of the hurricane. It comes and it goes. It comes and it goes. This brings me to a list of things that must be eliminated if one wants to take control over their condition of anxiety:

  • Mental stimulation:

    • Social Media makes you concerned with what others are doing and thinking from the pictures to the comments.

    • TV – It is escapism and brings a sense of peace but it is not true peace. You are lulled into a calm condition but your mind is still tracking the story line and advertisement brainwashing.

    • Music works both ways as many forms of media do. Notice that when you listen to a song you will find yourself singing it subconsciously afterwards. This cause and effect should be obvious. Music can be a form of mind control and leaves its stamp in your mind for hours after it has been listened to.

How can you deal with these in a productive way?

  • Limit or delete ALL of your social media and dating accounts. Take an inventory of how you felt before and after the move. How much free time do you have to be silent and at peace?

  • Track your time spent watching video content. Do not listen to commercials, do not watch horror movies, and Do watch uplifting positive programming…..programming… is programming you.

  • The same goes for music. Music should not fill all of your silence. Leave most of your time for silence. Music has its place to Uplift you and inspire you. Listen to positive music based on the situation and goal. It is important that you embrace Music without Lyrics. The absence of lyrics lets your mind balance with the harmony of the music and keep clean from the stain of words. Do NOT fill the void of silence with music. Embrace this void so that you can calibrate yourself back to silence.

Stay away from these substances to limit an overactive mind and jittery body:

  • Yes I said it. Marijuana, especially the strains that are high in THC.

  • Coffee

  • Energy Drinks

  • Amphetamines

  • Tobacco – Dip, Cigarettes, Vaping

  • Mainstream music

  • Social Media

A Chi blockage causes Anxiety and Chi blockages are the consequence of all the negative catalysts we have been listing. Let’s jump forward to some ways to NOT fall into Anxiety or to Overcome it once it has dug its claws in you.

  • Shamanic Stalking

  • Exercising

  • Not Thinking

  • Focused Meditation and Positive Mantras.

  • Focus on a project

  • Acting Crazy

  • Natural medications like JuJuBe seed extract

  • Joining a Speech or Improvisation Club to overcome fears

  • Stop Caring – life is fleeting and you live and you die and everyone around you will be dead in a glimpse

  • Willpower – the king and quick fix to put anxiety in its place


I plan on updating this article with a video, links, and expanded discussion. Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts. Hopefully this was worth a quick read.  

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  • J. Joseph

    More than worth the read. Thank you for posting this. As a ‘quick read’ it makes a comforting uplifter, even if just re-reading to stimulate the sense of union & collective connection.

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