The Owl of Destiny - An Inspired, Occult, and Extraterrestrial Third Eye Design.

I'll admit it. I didn't just dream this one up. Of late, I am rarely completely captivated by an individual's stories and purpose. 

That changed around a year ago when I stumbled upon the work of Mike Clelland over at

His own extraterrestrial/ufo stories inspired a myriad of others to reach out and recount their own eerily similar encounters. The main underlying denominator - OWLS.

Mike has connected the dots so thoroughly that it is indisputable at this point that Owls and UFO's are tethered. Myself being a non-human contactee, I became engrossed. 

From Owls shapeshifting into Grey Aliiens, to UFO's appearing amid the presence of the majestic Owls, to other synchronistic tales - Owls are beings saturated in destiny and gravitas for the experiencer. 

Thus, I have married the two in The Owl of Destiny. This IJ Vision captures the Owl, Ufo, and Third Eye in a rather calming manner. 

The T-Shirt is an attention grabber for anyone feeling that urge to throw on something that may attract a powerful conversation, a powerful experience, a moment of grand decision. 

Wear it to get coffee. Wear it on a date. Wear it to the show. Wear it the bar. Be free and see where it takes you.

Check out a Mike Clelland Presentation here. His demeanor and presentation is sure to captivate the experienced contactee and most skeptical non-experiencer -



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