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13 Most Effective Ways to Activate Your Third Eye

13 Most Effective Ways to Activate Your Third Eye Maybe you have heard about it. Maybe you are already experiencing it. Yes it is real, and yes it is often closed due to the nature of our society. I’m talking about the Third Eye. This Chakra enables its person to access Psychic, Intuitive, and Clairvoyant skillsets. Do not let some new age spiritualists lead you astray. It does not only change your perception of reality. You physically see into the Ether. You see different frequencies outside of your normal eyes’ range of vision. Referenced through thousands of years by religions, mystics, and philosophers there seems to be a stable (and crazy) set of pathways for one to Activate and Open their...

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The Owl of Destiny - An Inspired, Occult, and Extraterrestrial Third Eye Design.

I'll admit it. I didn't just dream this one up. Of late, I am rarely completely captivated by an individual's stories and purpose.  That changed around a year ago when I stumbled upon the work of Mike Clelland over at http://www.mikeclelland.com/.  His own extraterrestrial/ufo stories inspired a myriad of others to reach out and recount their own eerily similar encounters. The main underlying denominator - OWLS. Mike has connected the dots so thoroughly that it is indisputable at this point that Owls and UFO's are tethered. Myself being a non-human contactee, I became engrossed.  From Owls shapeshifting into Grey Aliiens, to UFO's appearing amid the presence of the majestic Owls, to other synchronistic tales - Owls are beings saturated in destiny...

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