February 1st, 2019: IJ is Going Live!

In 2017, the Shamanic Concept of living one's life "Impeccably" arose in my consciousness. Weeding out the impurities and flaws - becoming self aware of the innate willpower - aware of that 1 split second we all have each day to Shift into something surreal. You have the inward ability to create your reality. Life is malleable, and at IJ we are pushing to give you the daily reminder that you can achieve whatever you will by being impeccable and unbending with whatever you are trying to will into reality. Do NOT Back Down. Go for it. Fucking take it. 

Our product images capture different essences of Naguals and the 3rd eye. These vibrant pieces are powerful, captivating, and inspired. When you wear IJ Apparel you should always be reminding yourself that You have the Willpower to Bend Reality as you are made of an infinite and unbound spirit within. You can Shift into whatever you will.

Be on the lookout for more products, blogs, videos, and more in the near future. IJ is plunging into the vastness and offering you wild topics and stories to be enthralled with. 

Be Impeccable. Create your Reality. 

The Impeccable Jaguar. 

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