13 Most Effective Ways to Activate Your Third Eye

13 Most Effective Ways to Activate Your Third Eye

Maybe you have heard about it. Maybe you are already experiencing it. Yes it is real, and yes it is often closed due to the nature of our society. I’m talking about the Third Eye. This Chakra enables its person to access Psychic, Intuitive, and Clairvoyant skillsets.

anatomy-of-chakra-energy-systemDo not let some new age spiritualists lead you astray. It does not only change your perception of reality. You physically see into the Ether. You see different frequencies outside of your normal eyes’ range of vision. Referenced through thousands of years by religions, mystics, and philosophers there seems to be a stable (and crazy) set of pathways for one to Activate and Open their Third Eye. But the list is longer than you think.


Some basics about the Pineal gland which is considered the anatomical gateway to the Third Eye (Ajna Chakra):

  • The Pineal Gland has a lens, cornea and retina just as your actual eyes
  • It is the pine cone shaped gland of the endocrine
  • Melatonin is produced here. This influences sexual progression and regulates our sleep cycles.
  • First Gland to appear in the gestation phase
  • Transmutes Serotonin into Melatonin
  • Piezoeletric Effect (More Below)

It should come as no surprise that a gland specializing in light sensitivity is also the gateway to picking up subtle frequencies in the ether! The Pineal Gland contains Calcite Micro-crystals that are vulnerable to the Piezoelectric effect. These crystals are highly responsive to electromagnetic energies and can also generate their own electromagnetic energy. If you are able to feel the energy in this region and flex it you should feel vibrations emanating throughout your head and potentially outside of your head. Yes, your energy body extends outside of your physical body.

Some people even refer to Third Eye Activation as the “crystal activating”. Before my awakening, I had months where I heard crystal popping and crackling sensations coming from the middle of my brain. It was not for some time later that it all made sense.

My Third Eye opened at a rather intense level in 2014 due to a multitude of reasons: An Intent to Access my Willpower, An Expanded Consciousness, Drug Abuse, A Mugging, and more. Do not be deceived by the New Age Spiritualists who claim this Chakra is merely offering an explosion of consciousness about reality. It offers the Tangible, Physical Ability to become a Seer. You are able to see Spirits, Astral Bodies, Non-Humans, both in the etheric realms as well as in our dimension if a being has manifested.

I was never obsessed with Eastern Spirituality, Mysticism, Meditation, or the Occult. I certainly was not an avid believer of Alien civilizations. My Third Eye opened and my entire life changed. I became saturated with heavy synchronicities, non-human contact, etheric entities, and more. Alas, let’s look at some ways the eye can open.

This list details the wide array of ways one can activate their Third Eye. Some are through intense cultivation of skill and discipline, and some are by pure chance. No matter the means by which you are introduced to this life changing inner capability, it will still only remain open and active with standard means and upkeep.

Here are the 13 Most Effective Ways to Open your 3rd Eye:

  • Intent
  • Mental Trauma/Stress – Leads you to Silence (grouped similarly but different catalyst)
  • Silence and Relaxation
  • Rigorous Exercise
  • Near Death Experience (NDE)
  • Head Injury
  • Sungazing
  • Dreams
  • Plants and Drugs
  • Fasting and Self Discipline
  • Deep Breathing
  • Mirror Therapy/Scrying (reference changing salt lamp and tile floor)

What are the common themes here?

  • Altered States of Consciousness
  • Silencing your internal chatter
  • Catalysts or Intent

Something drives you to silence whether it be a circumstance, a conclusion, or Intent. When the Mind is Silent, the Body can be silent. When the Body is silent the other chakras have the ability to re-calibrate and the energy body relaxes. When the Energy Body is Relaxed, Chi can flow freely and activate the Third Eye


If you have already experienced a kundalini awakening, then merely Intending for its opening could grant you access. Remember what you felt like when you experienced it before? What was your state of mind? Were you relaxed and focused? Slipping back into these moments and driving home this intent could lead to it opening. Have you had to use willpower to accomplish a goal or overcome a fear? You focused your unbending intent to do so, but in this case you already know what you have to do. The Shamans called this "Stalking". Tap into a state of being you have already felt before. Don't visualize it. BE IT!


No, I do not just mean a bad day. I mean some severe, built up stress: Deaths, Financial Disaster, Panic Attacks. When you are faced with the worst, a few things can happen. You may “let go” and relieve yourself or you tap into innate and hidden skills. Stress can definitely make you stronger and it is unique because it can be hard to replicate synthetically on your own. Having the real deal can push you over the edge and force your spirit and body to delve into its deepest knowledge bank. There is a documented story of a prison inmate who was being beaten so badly that he let go and escaped – literally. He left his body and viewed his beating from above. While he tapped into an astral form, this similar concept is applicable.

Silence and Relaxation

Silence. The Undisputed Champion. When you are silent and relaxed, your energy body is relaxed. The mind creates reality and when you are jumping from AM Alarms, to chores, to work, to cell phones, to dinner, to to-do-lists, your mind never gets to reach a properly functioning equilibrium. In fact, when you are done reading this, go put your technology away and go for a walk. Letting go of everything and being at peace in a sedated, trance like state will allow all of your chakras to open. Chi passes through and initiates the wonders of the Third Eye.

Rigorous Exercise

There is a reason why Shamans would go on long hikes while depriving themselves of distractions, food, and the like. You should utilize this method if you have just worked in the sun all day or ran for many miles. Have you ever had to fight for your life in a fight? Well that would do it too! When the body has been exercised you run the potential of slipping into a slightly different state of consciousness whereby you feel relaxed to a degree that is hard to replicate. Exercise, fatigue yourself, and do it to a very effective degree – beat yourself up. You should be looking around calmly thinking of nothing, and this sets the stage for a 3rd Eye Activation.

Near Death Experience (NDE) 

No you are not going to force one like Brit Marling was forced to undergo repetitively in The OA. Even in real life it seems as though she practices means of creating purpose and passion instead of chasing money – all means to a greater spiritual capacity and dream.

Many people having near death experiences have a similar conclusion. They realize they should no longer live in fear. When all fears are eradicated, Chi and Kundalini Energy can again flow freely from and through the chakras. Many NDE's formulate an exciting perception for the participator.

It is said that DMT is emitted at the time of death. DMT is a sure-fire means to ripping open inter-dimensional portals of consciousness. To read more, check out The Essential Guide to DMT

Head Injury

I’ve been mugged before. More than once to be exact! I’ve been sucker punched from behind, and it felt like someone swung a bag of bricks at my head. Concussions and cranial blows can have an interesting effect on the mentality of a human. Even Shamanic teachings passed down in the Carlos Castenada books tell of a Shaman being able to direct a blow to the energy body and subsequently the energy body in a manner that it shakes the consciousness of the being. It places them in an alternate state of mind or a different “position of the assemblage point”.

I once ran into a middle aged woman on the streets at night. She said her uncle was a normal man until his car accident. He was taken to the ER. A while after being treated there he said that some of his nurses where shapeshifting vampires. They never let him out of there, and he has never pieced it together. His Third Eye had activated, and he was freely seeing the truth and interplay of the multidimensional reality.


Sungazing-to-open-the-third-eyeSungazing, a bit more practical and accessible! Herein lies the art of letting light into your 3rd eye. You should see the energetic imprint in your vision when you close your eyes. Sunlight is an abundant resource that provides Vitamin D and will activate your Pineal Gland. Sungazing can be incorporated in a peaceful, calm, and silent meditative mindset.

Dreaming and Creativity

Dreaming is a skill set and an art. Some people have masterful control and participate lucidly. Others have limited or no dream recall at all. Initiate a Dream Journal to keep at your bedsied. The main rule? You have to write SOMETHING down no matter what the time is that you wake up in remembrance of your dream. Turn the light on at 3am and write something down to jog your memory. Don't be weak! As Dream Recall is practiced, dream recall is heightened. Psychic Intuition is greatly enhanced and synchronicities may explode. My friend at work has Incredible dream recall. She can write pages following each night. She is a true natural.

I grouped Creativity in here as well. When you have energy and emotions built up you need to be creative. Write a song or poem. Here is a short poem I posted titled The Crack Between Daylight and Dark. It was written when I needed to express that moment when mystery is presenting itself to you, an opportunity to peak into infinity.

Plants and Drugs/Chemicals

This should come as no surprise. While the sorcerers and occultists of the past may have had more freedom and time to live in silent practice, drugs were still a staple of mystic initiation and Third Eye activation.  Certain plants and chemicals easily push the user into a “different” equilibrium, a different state of existence. When your perception of reality is changed, Watch Out! Here is a list of some of the more common plants and chemicals capable of altering the brain frequency, releasing chemicals, and allowing your perception to change:

  • Mescaline/Peyote
  • JimsonweedPeyote-Third-Eye-Activation
  • Echinopsis Pachanoi (San Pedro Cactus)
  • Ayahuasca
  • Cannabis
  • Jujube Seed Extract
  • DMT
  • Psilocybin

This list is short and by no means all-encompassing. There is a plethora which can assist in activating you. There is a reason why a stubborn apprentice was heavily induced if he could not fathom or reach certain states on their own.

Fasting, Self-Deprivation, and Stoicism

The arts of stoicism and self-discipline. Amazing that we always think we need to grab a book, instrument, or computer to access knowledge and thereby grow. While concepts such as fasting and deprivation of niceties may stem back to silencing the mind, they remain initial triggers that we can readily identify. When one seeks to find their wants, the causes of their suffering, they can find what they must deprive themselves of.

If you reside in pleasure and comfort, take cold showers. If you indulge in foods, fast. If you reside in the tech world, abstain from your phone and computer. Live a simplistic life. Deprive yourself of the desire for the things you crave. Live tranquilly in abstinence. When the soul lives virtuously in this manner then kundalini can ease upward. Let the words of Marcus Aurelius reverberate and encourage your search:

Early in the morning, when you find it so hard to rouse yourself from your sleep, have these thoughts ready at hand: ‘I am rising to do the work of a human being. Why, then, am I so irritable if I am going out to do what I was born to do and what I was brought into this world for? Or was I created for this, to lie in bed and warm myself under the bedclothes?’ ‘Well, it is certainly more pleasant.’ ‘So were you born for pleasure or, in general, for feeling, or for action?’”


This is a double edged sword. While I will condone the refraining of masturbation 100% of the time, release can be beneficial for Third Eye Activation as well. It is well written in Yogic tradition that when sexual energy is controlled and transmuted it becomes Ojas in the Pineal region. Therefore, if you seek more energy and more power, control your sexual urges. Discipline your sexual hunger and silence your enemy, yourself. When you master this energy your Third Eye has exponentially more potential to activate on levels well beyond that of someone wasting their semen.

You reside in a society where sex sells and porn is a dominant content. it can be hard (literally). When other chakras cannot handle the upward flow of Ojas then you will seek release. This should be telling you that you have other chakras to work on. You also should recognize you now have an insane amount of energy to pull from. Use this for your Third Eye or something product and goal oriented.


Mirror Therapy and Scrying

Mirror Therapy and Scrying are useful techniques to say the least. They should absolutely be practiced when you are in a relaxed state or meditating. There is a certain technique I would like to pass forward here. I have seen it referenced in another place, but I came about this when I was able to see into the ether very clearly. It is a blend of gazing and double vision. How can you methodically reach a position close to this?

  1. Find a Mirror. Be quiet. Be relaxed already. Gaze at yourself in the mirror.
  2. Enable Double Vision so that you now see 2 of your heads and 4 eyes looking back at you.
  3. Re-calibrate your vision so that the 2 unique inward eyes are overlapping. You should now see both heads overlapping and 3 eyes.
  4. Focus. Focus. Focus. Let go and focus in on that middle eye. After a few, or many, attempts you may succeed.
  5. You should see your surroundings begin to vibrate. A white haze overcomes your vision. You only see One Eye now. You may look like a cyclops.

Gazing with this sort of Focus and Intent is essential to seeing energy in the ether. We are always looking at dense objects, but this reminds you to see into the air in a certain manner.

This list is not all encompassing. Some areas overlap overs as they pull from some of the common denominator key themes referenced above. There are many ways to place your mind in a new state, relax your body, and generate energy. The choice is up to you. Give some of these a try when you are in the mood. If you do create a memorable experience feel free to reach out to me with your metaphysical and supernatural stories. I would love to interview some of my followers.


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